#&!___Sex Pot (yourenodaisy) wrote,
#&!___Sex Pot

So yesterday I had a long day off to account for and my sister needed help at her job at this barn at the Hilton in Oro Valley where she takes guests on trail rides, so I decided to come along not knowing exactly what it entailed. I thought more or less it was just me joining her on the ride, and maybe lifting saddles. Nothing particularly technical. I was incorrect. Basically since they were so understaffed and since I knew a bit about horses I was actually working that day. This meant that I was wrangling horses, brushing them, saddling them, feeding them, answering phone calls, riding for a few hours on this steep upward trail into the mountains, keeping guests in check from harming the horses or being retarded, then when it was all finished, taking their saddles and bridles off and throwing them back into their pens without them being fresh. My knees feel like shit after riding for so long up and down, my hands still smell like leather even though I've showered twice since then. Most of the horses were well behaved barring a few I had to literally jump to saddle. Total damage? For two trail rides on ten horses, entertaining guests, and cleaning and feeding the horses, we split 40 bucks in tips along with the 60 she made that day. 50 bucks cash. Me proud of self.
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