#&!___Sex Pot (yourenodaisy) wrote,
#&!___Sex Pot

Lately, the following have been good.

0. My Dad is fine and has a new job
1. My clean room.
2. Increased hours at work
3. Listening to Metric, Marianne Faithful, Elbow, Elliott Smith, The Smiths, Presidents of the United States of America, Rilo Kiley, and Mirah
4-6. Books: Reminscences of a Newburyport Nonagenarian, Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, The Daring Young Man of the Flying Trapeze
7 & 8. Movies: True Romance, North by Northwest
9-11. Art of: Jasper Johns, Magritte, and De Chirico

Things that are bad.

1. Krystal leaves next month
2. I move to Benson in 2 months.
3. I need more money to buy things I want.
4. I turn 20 on July 1st
5. My Mom is a bear trap faced bitch.
6. Customers are rude (common complaint)
7. Need a cell phone
8. Temporary blindness still happening. Which means
9. No Driving
10. David Cross cd broke in two.

I passed all my courses, which is of course, neutral. I was expecting to fail each, but landed on the skin of my teeth above a 2 for the semester. I know I'm more capable, but the trip away from college for a while is just what I need to regroup and get shit done.
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