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It's been a while since I last had an entry, one of meaningful content, so I'll drop some dirt.

Most likely, next month, I'm heading to Colorado rather than Massachusetts because I need a week off to go somewhere as soon as possible without having to spend too much. Money is tight still and almost impossible to save, so Colorado being closer, is a better more realistic option.

Things around here are crazy, but at least more ironed out. We're moving to Benson officially next month after a long few weeks of arguing with the builders and the well drillers to do their job. I never knew how much of an inconsistent bureaucratic process it is just to get the building permits done.

As far as life, I'm still caring for my horses, riding a lot to clear my head. Not many people have been available to hang out and those that are, I tend to not make myself really available either. Sorry about that. I just for the most part have become a loner.

I called Sara last night, my good friend back home, and I found out she's no longer officially engaged, which was cool to know, but I was a little unsurprised because I predicted it.

My dad is a nutcase still, but not in a Post Traumatic sense anymore. Just in a douchebag way. All he ever wants to do is hang around his horse and he talks about him repetitiously... It gets old, you know? Plus he flies off the handle way too much and unpredictably, and alot of the time I stick my neck out so he doesn't say something shitty to my mom. Fun fun.

The book is finished, even if it needs work. I don't personally like the way it turned out completely, but hopefully it gets enough for me to save up and move....

I'm returning to college hopefully in the spring. I think I might either switch to forensic psychology or pre-law. Still unsure, but at least I'm not so angsty about the future. Turning 20, which is an unimportant benchmark in life, still fucked with me mentally and I asked far too many questions of myself as to where I was going and doing with my life. I feel a lot better having more goals and set purposes.

I've been doing alot of photography lately too, over at these old junkyards on Illinois drive. They're derivative, and obviously badly photoshopped, but I'm proud of my angles.

Other than that, I'll have more news and pics later. I have to do this paper as a favor to my dad's boss. I only have a few hours to complete it, and ta ta for now.


P.S. I miss Jess Calderwood.
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