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Work sucked. Who cares?

Just got home from hanging out with everyone post-work at the safehouse. I smoked 5 count them, 5 cigarettes tonight, which is more than I usually do. before we went, Jefe Phil and Krystal passed around a pipe in the parking lot and it just struck me as funny to see something so blatant and out in the open and yet they didnt give a shit. And I also think I got a little contact high as I usually do, or it was the power of suggestion. I laugh at my reaction to these things.

Then we went to the safehouse, had a good time, etc. etc. Nothing noteworthy that someone who wasn't there would appreciate. I drank coffee until I was hyper, sexually harassed Matthew, etc. I don't want Krystal to leave, and I don't want to leave. I really like the people I work with as is and don't want to move to East Buttfuck Arizona. Argh. Unhappy.

Mixed feelings.

I think I will feed rabbits, shower, watch Arsenic and Old Lace, and sleep.

Later, gators.
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